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Mmm watcha say ?

So let me in
give me another chance
To really be your girl.
Cause when the roof caved in
and the truth came out
I just didn't know what to do
But when I become a star
we'll be living so large
I'll do anything for you
So tell me boy
mmmm watcha say ?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am sooo sorry to have neglected you for so long, I have been.. busy. okay maybe more lazy to update you on the happenings of my life. either way, I'm here now. because I have nothing better to do, I am currently waiting for Niccolo to finish class, and I'm waiting by our locker. I just finished my 2nd ham sandwich, and I'm still hungry.. so I'm contemplating whether I should eat my vanilla pudding, I dont know whether it'll last me until later though. GRRR. I shoulda brought more food. ANYWAYS. University is awesome, i get internet in the basement, where my locker is, and im sitting on the floor, and nobody cares. I would really much rather sit here than upstairs, since it's so loud upstairs. LOL. I really wish I had cash and not just debit because there's this hotdog stand that sells, well HOTDOGS, and they are awesome. they dont taaste anything out of the ordinary. but for some reason, I dont mind having one everyday if I could. BUT, they dont accept debit, SO. it suucks. I also only have 3 classes, ECONOMICS, FRENCH, and PSYCHOLOGY. I must say this year is turning out to be pretty chill.. so chill I dont even have class tomorrow, neither did I have a class yesterday : D OH man, this rant should stop now. : ) I might eat my pudding soon, AND THIS BLOG, for sure will be updated later :) BYYE.