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Mmm watcha say ?

So let me in
give me another chance
To really be your girl.
Cause when the roof caved in
and the truth came out
I just didn't know what to do
But when I become a star
we'll be living so large
I'll do anything for you
So tell me boy
mmmm watcha say ?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8 friends (:
[1] Kevin Policarpio
[2] Erinea Gloria
[3] Emanuel Bursuc
[4] Matthew Nejati
[5] Cherish Suazon
[6] Niccolo Arboleda
[7] Andrea Marasigan
[8] Vernon Dalusong

number one is . . the boyfriend / lover / bodyguard :)
[1] What do you like best about them?: he's always got my back, && he loves me :)
[2] Any specific reason as to why they're first?: Because I love him too :)
[3] Do you think they're good-looking?: OF COURSE :D
[4] What grade is this person in?: going on to gr 12.
[5] Do you go to the same school with them?: HAHAH, no
[6] When was the last time you saw a movie together?: today ? LOL
[7] What's the last thing you two talked about?: uh, my phone dying ?
[8] What's this person's middle name?: cant say, it's confidential :)
[9] What's the best gift this person ever got you?: a single pink rose, and a cup of tea. :)

number two is... BESTEST GIRL FRIEND. :)
[1] How old were you when you met this person?: 13 yrs. old
[2] Why are they second?: cuz, first's the worst.. second's the best LOL
[3] When's their birthday?: May 31st :)
[4] Name a band/singer you both enjoy listening to: uh, FORGOT omg :T
[5] What's one thing you two have in common?: we're both silly :)
[6] If you could give this person anything, what would it be (not money)?: a solution to her problems.
[7] What did you give this person for their last birthday?: uh, a phone call ? LOL times are hard.
[8] Where is this person right now?: either.. LONDON.. or at home.
[9] Do they lead a busy, moderate or boring life?: busier than me ! LOL

number three is... MY OTHER BESTFRIEND
[1] What does this person do for a living?: Live at home T_T
[2] Where do you usually hang out with them?: at his house, or mine.
[3] What about this person stands out the most?: he's white, among a crowd of asians LOL
[4] What's your favorite part about their appearance?: it would have to be his eyes. :)
[5] Name something of their's that you want: his parents ; ) LOL
[6] Have you ever been jealous of this person or vice-versa?: i dont think so..
[7] Do you know who this person likes?: HAHA EASY !
[8] What's this person's last name?: Bursuc
[9] Have you met their siblings?: yuup, Mada. :)

number four is... the Chauffer, I mean. my good friend :)
[1] What's their ethnicities?: half Persian, half.. white ? LOL
[2] How long have you known them?: since GR 9, best beliieeve.
[3] Give us a funny memory you two had: STRAWBERRY MILK !
[4] Name one thing that reminds you of this person: Hala, Hala Man. :)
[5] Can they play any instruments?: Guitar
[6] What does this person collect?: LOL, i dont know..
[7] How far do they live from you?: pretty far walking, but since he has a car... :)
[8] Have you met their parents?: naww.
[9] When did you last go to one of their parties?: uh.

number five is... My partner in making fun of Nea
[1] Is this person obnoxious or quiet?: she's nice.
[2] Name all the classes you had with this person: NONE.
[3] What do you both share a hate for?: uh, that's a secret.
[4] Do you like this person's fashion sense?: yuup :)
[5] Describe this person's usual hairstyle: hair down.. ? LOL
[6] Name some places where this person likes to shop: LOL i dont really know
[7] Are they an online or real life friend?: f'reaal.
[8] Do you think this person is pretty?: OF COURSE.
[9] What's this person's sexual orientation?: straight

number six is... MY KUUUYA :D
[1] Have you two ever liked the same person?: no ?
[2] Are you in the same grade as them?: yuup.
[3] Would you switch names with this person?: hahaha, niccolo plays a piccolo.. OF COURSE I WOULD.
[4] What do you both share a love for?: turtless.
[5] Has this person ever kissed you?: haha, i dont think so.
[6] What item of clothing do you want to steal from them?: his speedos ! JOKES.
[7] Are you on their top friends?: hopefully LOL
[8] Give us an inside joke between the two of you: TURTLES !
[9] Does this person currently like someone?: as far as i know, yes.

number seven is... UTM BUDDAAY
[1] Would you date this person?: course i would ;)
[2] When were you over their house last?: never been :S
[3] Do you get along with their siblings?: she doesnt have any..
[4] Have you ever kissed this person?: have i ? LOL
[5] What's their favorite band?: i dunno.
[6] How big is their house?: apartment ?
[7] What pets do they have?: i dont think she has any.
[8] Were they named after anyone?: T_T
[9] How often do you see them?: a lot lately. :P

number eight is... My Ex-Work Buddy.
[1] Who are they going out with?: currently nobody
[2] Are you friends with some of their friends?: i guess ?
[3] What's the last nice thing they did for you?: bought me Mickey D's
[4] How tall are they?: a bit taller than me.
[5] Where do they live?: Milton. LOL
[6] Have you ever hung out with this person outside of school?: LOL, yes.
[7] Is this person trustworthy?: so far he's proven he is.
[8] Would you kiss this person?: maybe. LOL
[9] Do you have their number in your phone book?: yuuup :)