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Mmm watcha say ?

So let me in
give me another chance
To really be your girl.
Cause when the roof caved in
and the truth came out
I just didn't know what to do
But when I become a star
we'll be living so large
I'll do anything for you
So tell me boy
mmmm watcha say ?

Dear Mister,
Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm glad I was able to chill with you today :) I havent seen you for so long, since before christmas infact.. WOW. that was loong ago. DAMN. but really, today was fun. I thought I'd be stuck at home the WHOLE DAY. then.. -msn click sound here- 'YO !' LOL, MSN at work now ? that's new. but from there, the phone call, then laughing at Tita Teng, and at Hassan HAHAHA ! man, what was it.. Babiiedoll or something ? and all the new girls huh ; ) i mean, summer students.. right. LOL, only a year ago, WE were the summer students, and I was making fun of your name, and how you said your name wasnt Vernon, HOKAY there, and how I had to explain my WHOOLE name to you. BLAH, you probably dont even remember. ANYWAYS. thank you very much for the grubb. re-livin the good old times, LOL, eating fries, with the burgers, and the retarded ketchup thing, and how you mix Mayo / Special Sauce with it, GROSS ! WOW I dont think I've laughed that much for so LONG : ) NO, i'm not 'still a blonde' I never was in the first place ! gawsh. and the pizza in a tupperware, LOL.. and since you're probably never gonna find/read this.. I gotta admit. you ARE funny, HAHAHAHAH. even if you scared me shitless, GAWSH. thanks though, for staying for a bit, even if you DID spend those 15-20 minutes scaring the shit out of me T_T. LOL, let's call Kevin x P you're so jokes. but seriously we need to chill more, I'm glad we did SO RANDOMLY today though : ). I'll try to make it on Monday. PROMISE. Verne ^___^