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Mmm watcha say ?

So let me in
give me another chance
To really be your girl.
Cause when the roof caved in
and the truth came out
I just didn't know what to do
But when I become a star
we'll be living so large
I'll do anything for you
So tell me boy
mmmm watcha say ?

inevitable mess.
Friday, April 24, 2009

five words : my room is a mess.

some people might not even consider this 'messy', but I have a weird combination of an Obsessive Compulsive, Lethargic personality that just, REALLY doesnt blend very well. On top of that, if I'm not VERY VERY VERY interested on something, I'd start it, and not finish it. This blog for example, it was easy. I just chose to loaf after a while, which is why it took longer to finish. Then there's this painting I started in the summer.. that in my opinion is not even close to finish.

Which comes to my ultimate problem. My room is a mess, and I want to move everything around, but I'm afraid I might start, and I won't finish it after. What a dilemma, compared to world hunger and the economic crisis.

This is where the OCD part comes in, I am disgusted at the way my room is right now, it isnt too messy.. there's some clutter of whatever on my bed, which is mostly my blanket and the gazillion pillows I have. and some cluttery stuff infront of my mirror & my bedstand.

Still, I'm too lazy to clean this all up. Because I know once I start cleaning something up, it's gotta be PERFECTLY CLEAN after.. which takes hours at a time. If I was just lazy. this would probably fit well with me, but this OCD is killing me. and vice versa.

Got more things to worry about than that really. I think I should get going on cleaning up.. then I'll actually. uh. RANT. lol peace.