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Mmm watcha say ?

So let me in
give me another chance
To really be your girl.
Cause when the roof caved in
and the truth came out
I just didn't know what to do
But when I become a star
we'll be living so large
I'll do anything for you
So tell me boy
mmmm watcha say ?

just dance
Thursday, March 19, 2009

FINALLY. my blog looks half decent.
being a perfectionist doesn't help much in these situations.

Right when you think "yeah.. that'll work" something else comes up, and you just HAVE TO do it up. tsk tsk.

Why the title ? well. I couldnt think of anything, and I was listening to a cover of Lady Gaga's Just Dance.Hence the blog title.

Birthday in 25 days. eighteen is a big number..
I will legally be an adult *thumbs up*
with that I can do the following things, :)

of course, I guess. I'm not even sure when the next election is, but man I'm excited. Nobody i know really makes much of a big deal about voting. But when it comes to politics.. [I'm weird] but, for some reason it's very interesting for me. If becoming a lawyer wasn't so.. long. I would've gone into law, specifically criminal law :) and then maybe become a politician ? maybe a mayor.. or like, a minister of something, then I'd be able to sit on my bum all day not doing anything but signing stuff, but yeah, I totally want to go vote.

Buy cigarettes
HAH! I can buy cigarettes. not that I'd want to anyways. LOL I dont smoke, but the fact that I can is rewarding enough I guess ? I can piss people off who are younger than I am and cant buy cigarettes for themselves because they're too young. :) jokes. I really dont have any use for this. but like, oh well. Im happy[?] I can buy them I guess ?

Go to some adult establishments.
Again, got no use, I got internet at home. [jokes] but for some reason, I've always been so curious as to what kind of stuff they have at the Stag Shop, or like, the Condom shack or something that makes it only for18+, I guess, this is where the immature side of me comes out. I really just want to go in, and have a good laugh at what they sell x P

Rent a hotel room.
YES! so if I ever run away from home, I can rent a hotel room. Provided that I have the money, as I am unemployed right now. but no matter. I still get to, if I had the cash :) so, I guess it's a good thing. And I dont know what it is about hotels, but I just love being in one. I used to work at a hotel, sorta like a receptionist-ish person, and I loved it there, I mean, if you dont work there and you stay there for a night or two, you got people cleaning after your shit, they have pools, slides.. and if you're lucky.. your room might even come with a free dinner or lunch or breakfast or something. :] so this is a definitely a plus :)

Work inside a warehouse.
Yeah, like I would ever want to do this. I've worked at, better places. so I HOPE i wont be doing this anytime soon. but if worst comes to worst, what can you really do right ? BUT this would be my last resort. and since I will be 18 soon, I can do it. IF im that desperate for money. I dont even know if I would get hired in the first place. but whatever :)

Join the army.
I'm not in for the violence and what not. I'd really rather join the Special Response unit, or something. but I honestly find war very useless, and destructive, i wouldnt want to be a part of it. If for some reason, there would be a good reason to join the army, then I guess I would consider it. So far, none really. so yeah .

Get a credit card
Although I would love to have one, I really dont think I would be too responsible with a credit card. I wouldnt run myself into bankruptcy, age 18. but like, I think I would be the kind of person that would spend, spend, spend.. just for the sake of spending. With just cash alone, I do that. If I had a card that would, give me as much money as I want for a given day.. [yes I know there's limits] I dont think I can stop..= \

Rent an apartment
THANK GOD ! I've actually been thinking about this for quite a while, with university coming and all. Moving out would be a very big step for my life. I've NEVER lived just myself.. and it would be a big challenge, for the better I hope. But if im allowed to rent an apartment, that would be awesome.

Pay your own bills
UH, yeah. I think I like being under my parent's roof. as mentioned.. I dont think im responsible enough, I need more 'training', and more time to enjoy the young life. hopefully in a year or 2 i'd be able to 'stand on my own feet' and pay my own bills =\ yikes.

Get married
Eighteen, getting married, for me is way too young. I'm not even responsible enough for myself, I cant possibly get married, and share responsibility of another human being, and if somehow a kid joins the picture, WOAH. i am NOT getting married at eighteen, no sir.

Go to actual prison
YUP, I wouldnt go to juvi anymore if I ever committed a crime, b/c legally.. im an 'adult' so I would actually go to prison ! this is because the government holds you responsible for all your actions, because they assume that you have a mature mind state. and honestly, I know very very very very VERY few people that are mature at this age, I know people who are older than 18 and are way more immature than i am xP

All I can say is that I cant wait for my birthday.
It's gonna be great. I can just feel it :)